separate collection of rubbish

The company carries out the service on behalf of municipalities , small and medium-sized businesses , medical facilities , shopping centers, offices .
The door to door collection is done daily at the times indicated in the guides
and in the calendar distributed to each user.

industrial waste disposal

The micro-collection and disposal waste from handcraft and industrial activities is carried out according to the EU regulations and in order to be reused in industry and ecology field.

hazardous waste

Hazardous waste cannot be disposed as other types of waste , but require specific procedures and appropriate and approved facilities that will not damage environment. The phases of transport and disposal are carried out in compliance with rules and with the utmost caution.

pest control

Cleaning and disinfection services, rodent control are performed in health facilities , schools , public institutions, business centers, shopping centers, military facilities . The company listed in the Register according to Law 274/97.


Territories reclamation services, and channels and sewer unblocking are performed using methods and specialized equipment.

cleaning street

Cleaning and washing streets, on behalf of public authorities, is performed with specialized machinery which are constantly checked with hygienical and efficiency controls.